Consus 10TM 

Designed for your long-term growth investment dollars, the Consus 10TM investment strategy is a rotating group of stocks
identified as top picks for the current market. Using a calculated method, our goal is to purchase value stocks for less than their true value and trade them in the future for a profit.

This investment strategy provides you with direct access to the portfolio manager, daily monitoring of your investment and what we believe is abetter methodology for picking stocks. 

Our Process 
With thousands of stocks in the marketplace, we use a disciplined approach to select the Consus 10TM stocks.

Research: We start with thousands of stocks in the marketplace. 
Analysis: Looking at current trends, new product launches, economic environment and company acquisitions/losses, we narrow down the field. 
Calculate: Using a proprietary method, we determine the true value of a stock.
Buy: After thorough research, calculations and over 24 years of investment experience, we select and buy stocks determined to be discounted from their true value. 

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