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Consus Wealth Management Group, LLC
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Our goal at Consus Wealth Management is your peace of mind allowing you to take care of your family, giving you more time to enjoy your life goals and ultimately live financially independent. 

At Consus, we believe no two financial plans are alike and as an independent firm, we strive to bring the best ideas that will help you achieve the highest level of success.

Founded in 2008 and licensed since 1993 Consus Wealth Management and Tom Costantiello CFP® have been helping clients with personalized financial planning. Through our personalized approach we can help you understand the key planning areas we believe are the most important to your success.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, with an office is St. Louis and serving clients nationwide, our firm offers personalized financial planning, retirement income planning, investment advisory services, 401(k)s, variable annuities and life insurance.

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